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Welcome To Four Star Talent

Allow me the opportunity to introduce you to my company, Four Star Talent, which was incorporated in 2014. As the mother of a child performer who was a principal cast member of a Tony Award-winning Broadway Musical, and is currently starring in The Bodyguard, I started this company to educate others who have similar aspirations for themselves or children.   The mission of the company is to serve as a gateway for performers to the entertainment industry.  We invite casting directors, talent agents, managers, and modeling agencies to conduct category specific workshops, and then evaluate talent performances in mock auditions.  This process will serve to educate participants on the realities of the entertainment industry and build confidence and audition technique in front of industry professionals.

Meet The Owner

Tamika Douglas
Tamika DouglasOwner
Let my years of experience in the entertainment industry help you meet your goals!

Four Star Talent Company

Four Start Talent serves as a gateway to the entertainment industry for performers.

Four Star Talent workshops and mock auditions provide valuable experience and techniques to help build confidence in our clients.

We educate participants on the realities of the entertainment industry while providing valuable connections.

Four Star Talent Workshops

Four Star Talent takes care of everything from hiring the teachers you want, to booking their travel and providing their food and transportation to and from the venue. We will send you a schedule that YOU approve and fliers for you to advertise. We also take care of ALL registrations if you prefer!

Why Four Star Talent?

  • Bring NYC & LA talent agents to YOUR Students for our Audition Classes.
  • We offer an “about the business” seminar.
  • We set the schedule AND create your dream event!
  • Learn all about head shots, resumes, auditions, agents, booking jobs, and more!
  • Parents watch a FINAL SHOWCASE to show what your students have learned.
  • Work with teachers who want to help your students improve.
  • Scholarships to various dance and acting programs are given at each event.

Four Star Talent Inc  is focused on providing once in a lifetime opportunities for today’s talented youth. We are dedicated to giving our participants EXCLUSIVE classes with some of the most in demand teachers in the entertainment industry.

ALL workshops are observed by AGENTS and TALENT SCOUTS!

We are currently offering intensives for ANYONE interested in pursuing Acting, Modeling, Singing, and/or Dancing as a career! Our classes will not only further your talents, but our staff is dedicated to helping you learn the ”ins and outs” of the entertainment industry!

Contact us today to schedule a workshop!

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